GITA"Share Your Story"

If you are connected to or familiar with a project that you feel would be a great fit on GITA, please share it with us!

Before you submit a nomination please glance at our submission guidelines.


We’d love to hear about inspirational projects or non/profits that motivate you to give and inspire you to take action! To be considered for the GITA Giving platform a project/non-profit must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a compelling story.
  • Have been established for at least six months.
  • Have an operating budget of less than $500k.
  • Demonstrate a present social impact.
  • Have an engaged social media network.
  • Provide a strong case to motivate the public to “Give”, “Inspire”, and “Take Action” for the cause.

If chosen, the project will be highlighted on the GITA Giving website and promoted through Bhakti’s social media networks to raise awareness and provide funding opportunities.

Contact Information


The Fine Print

  • Bhakti Chai will review all nominations against selection criteria to determine if they are a fit for the platform. A nomination does not guarantee inclusion on the site. By hitting "submit" you give permission for Bhakti Chai to reference your name when reaching out to the project. Bhakti Chai thanks you for your devotion to spreading the word of social consciousness with us!