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Bhakti, which means "Devotion Through Social Action" in Sanskrit, leads Bhakti Chai's social mission. Just as cardamom is steeped into all of Bhakti Chai's products for a sweeter, more fragrant, and spicier flavor, charitable donations are infused into the way they do business.

About GITA & Bhakti

GITA means “Share Your Story” in Sanskrit and is the foundation for Bhakti’s platform for positive social change.  G.I.T.A. stands for “Give”, “Inspire”, “Take Action” — the embodiment of what Bhakti intends to do with the the Gita Giving project.

Brook with Rizen & In India 2015

Bhakti has become a leader in business, embracing a profit model that prioritizes giving back to the global community and inspiring others to live their Bhakti by doing the same.


The goal is to give causes and bystanders alike the voice and tools they need to share their story of social consciousness. The goal is that participation is incredibly simple – as easy as a “click” – for anyone and everyone to affect local and global change.

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Check out the projects that have touched the hearts of Bhakti Chai, and if they happen to have the same affect on you, take action!

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How is Bhakti Chai's social mission different now that you've launched The GITA Project?

Giving back to the global community has always been a fundamental value of ours and we have been fortunate to connect with some amazing organizations in the past 10 years.

The GITA Project allows us to continue to support really cool organizations but also provides a platform for sharing these causes with our fans!

I know of a really inspiring cause that would be great on GITA!

We would love to have our fans contribute ideas for the GITA website!

You can either nominate a cause or apply directly here on the site. Bhakti Chai will review on a quarterly basis and add new projects to the platform throughout the year.  For questions or additional information please email