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Help raise funds for International Women’s Day 3/8 via Yoga For Good!
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Help purchase equipment that will empower farmers in India to irrigate and harvest water, which will allow them to grow their own crops, feed their families more nutritious food and create sustainable livelihoods.


Water Pump: $90

Two (2) Rainwater Harvesting Tanks (21,000 L): $900

Drip Irrigation Kit to irrigate 0.60 acre vegetable plot: $500


Fencing: $200

Water for crops, Fertilizer & Seeds: $70


Training: $50

Installation, Reporting, Field Support: $60

Travel & Administration: $50


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  • Women & Girls
    Bako Bags Sewing Photo

    Báko Bags

    Báko provides a platform for underprivileged women to care for their families by selling their craft and artisan bags to the global market.

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  • Women & Girls
    world muse inspire

    World MUSE

    A social change movement inspired by women and girls – because mindful living leads to compassionate action and positive social change.

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  • Civic & Community
    start a snowball 585x362

    Start A Snowball

    Grants children $100 for a community service project they are passionate about, helping to create a culture of service and a generation of givers.

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