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As a small non-profit, Sacred Valley Project values every individual’s collaboration and interest in the mission. Without volunteers, donors and fund-raisers, they would not be able to provide the young women of the Sacred Valley with educational support. Anything you can give will help – no amount is too small!

$2,200 sponsors a girl’s food, education and transportation for one year

$1,000 pays for a private, professional after-school tutor for one year

$500 feeds and clothes a girl for one year

$300 feeds the whole dorm for a week

$250 pays for internet for the dorm for one year

$50 pays for the uniform for one girl

$25 pays for the school supplies for one girl

$10 feeds one girl for a week

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Sacred Valley Project believes that any amount of action is meaningful and would be grateful for any amount of support. Some of the most meaningful ways you can help include:



Liliana*, a quiet but determined Quechua girl, sat down to talk with some American visitors who had come to work on a service project in her rural, Andean hometown of Socma. A visitor, Alex, asked her where she would be going to school the next year, as he was aware that she was in the last year of the primary school she attended in her community.

Liliana* explained to Alex that the distance, a 3 hour mountainous trek, among other obstacles such as farming and familial responsibilities, would inhibit her from attending high school. The walk itself crosses farmland, narrow mountain trails and puts her safety at risk. Her family, like many others, did not feel it was safe for her to walk alone to attend school and did not have the financial means to provide a place for her to live in town. The visitor quickly realized that without the opportunity to further her education, the future did not hold much opportunity for Liliana* or other girls her age from rural communities of the Sacred Valley.

The national government of Peru provides all Andean communities with a one-room primary school (grades 1-6), so that children can learn how to read, write and do basic math. However, there is little governmental support beyond this for indigenous, Quechua communities. In fact, roughly half of the communities still lack electricity and potable water.

For students from rural communities, especially girls, attending secondary school (grades 7-11) is out of reach. There are few secondary schools in the region, and they are all located in the larger towns. For the most remote communities, the larger towns are only accessible by foot and can require up to eight or nine hours of travel. While boys are often able to reside with a family in the town in order to attend school, most parents do not want to risk the safety of their daughters, so girls are less likely to be able to attend secondary school.

This unlikely exchange between two people, spawned an idea that became the Sacred Valley Project (SVP), a program that provides access for young women from rural villages within the Sacred Valley of Peru to attend secondary school. The Sacred Valley Project provides access to education by running a dormitory where girls receive academic support, nutritious meals, leadership training, and a nurturing and safe home. Located in the ‘living Inca town’ of Ollantaytambo, and larger Calca (both located in the Sacred Valley) the pilot program currently serves 48 intelligent and deserving young women from rural Andean communities. Each participant, like Liliana*, had limited resources but possesses the ability and desire to learn. The majority of the girls commute (in small groups so as not to travel alone) to the dormitory on Sunday afternoons, and return home at the end of each week so that they may still participate in their traditional familial responsibilities and Quechua culture. Some live close enough that they come just for the evening tutoring sessions.

The Sacred Valley Project has been fortunate to work with young women whose families support their aspirations to learn. Local teachers, psychologists, health care professionals, community members and international and national volunteers have all pitched in to make this project a reality.

With this support, the SVP is able to provide a diverse and stimulating supplemental education for its students. Inspirational speakers, including many successful women of Peru, are invited to speak and host workshops in order to expose the girls to as much opportunity, leadership development and vocational knowledge as possible.

The Sacred Valley Project and it’s participants still face many obstacles, but thanks to the support and encouragement she has received through the program, excelled in secondary school (particularly in Mathematics), gained enough confidence to join the school’s track team, and Liliana* successfully graduated.

With the education that Liliana* has worked so hard to obtain, SVP believes that she, along with all other graduates of the program, will be equipped to return to their communities as educated and empowered leaders, and will have opportunities to start their own business, teach classes of their own, or continue on to college.

Regardless of the direction the Sacred Valley Project graduates choose, it is the hope of the SVP team that through the support and encouragement received through the program, these girls will be empowered to make informed decisions for themselves and their family, to follow their hopes and dreams, and to lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.

*name changed for student privacy

“Thank you so much to GITA Giving and Bhakti Chai for your generous donation to the nutrition program for SVP students. Many groups and foundations don’t realize that this is a crucial aspect of our programming, as malnutrition in rural communities is quite common and our students benefit greatly by receiving well balanced meals at the Sacred Valley Project. Many children in the communities that our students come from face issues such as stunted growth, learning delays, illness and developmental problems as a result of malnutrition. Not only is our nutrition program essential to the wellbeing and academic success of our students, but it also helps provide our girls with nutrition education. According to Sacred Valley Health, ” …there is a substantial lack of nutrition education. In a recent survey, 36 percent of mothers were unable to identify foods appropriate for a six-month old baby. Parents are unaware of the importance of a balanced diet and community members lack training on how to successfully grow a wider selection of food at high-altitude.” – SACRED VALLEY PROJECT

Why Bhakti Chai loves this project

It is our hope that the skills the experiences our girls have at the Sacred Valley Project will shape the women and potential mothers they become, which is why we believe that a good understanding of the importance of balanced nutrition will help them as future mothers and leaders in their communities. We are humbled for your support towards the wellness of the girls as they navigate their studies and become educated women in their communities. .

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