A core part of changing the tide of trafficking in our community is educating and training others to join us in our mission. This year, GenerateHope has been giving the opportunity to purchase a new safe-house community where where survivors and house-moms live, a day program building (where they attend school and therapy and other staff members work), a transitional cottage where women who are closer reaching independence live, a pool and garden. Your donation will be a crucial part of raising the money to purchase this property!

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Did you know 300,000 children are at risk of being prostituted in the United States and that 98% of sex trafficked victims are women and girls? These statistics are what motivated Susan Munsey to create a place for trafficked woman to find healing and move past trauma so that they can become strong and independent women. Through GenerateHope, victims of human trafficking are given a safe haven to grow and alleviate their pain and walk powerfully in their future.

GenerateHope originally set out to provide services to an underserved population without help or support, but they soon came to realize a great need for the comprehensive healing of trafficked women. Not only do women overcome severe pain, trauma and PTSD related to their trafficking, but they also go on to pursue their education, find jobs, maintain sobriety, reunite with their families and children, and achieve many more life and personal goals.

Over 70 women have been rescued from human trafficking through GenerateHope and they are well on their way to rescuing many more. They offer long term housing to these women as well as a powerful recovery program. This program helps women find their inner strength again and eventually, become the incredible independent women they are all capable of being.

GenerateHope moved to its current location in South San Diego, where they serve female trafficking survivors over the age of 18. Their current property consists of the GenerateHope safe-house, the transitional house (available for survivors who are ready for more independence), and a school and office building, where a variety of staff, interns, and volunteers help care for the women.

“Seeing them become the women they were always intended to be is simply incredible. It is a true blessing and miracle watching them come back to life.”  ~ Michelle Smith

GenerateHope is the first long-term program for survivors in San Diego; they have helped educate and raise awareness to thousands in their community.

Why Bhakti Chai loves this project

Bhakti Chai is crazy about this project, not only is it encouraging the empowerment of woman but GenerateHope is changing the world, one woman at a time. Their recovery program is so powerful that it changes these women’s lives forever and allows them to become successful, happy, and most importantly, free.

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